All our e-bikes come with a throttle for riding:

  • Throttle is restricted to 750W
  • Throttle does not affect the top speed, it only limits how quickly you can reach the top speed
  • The pedal assist (or PAS) is independent of the throttle. In unlocked mode (aka sport mode), pedal assist is configured to 2300W, but throttle is limited to 750W

Why do we restrict the throttle?

  • We limit throttle to protect the drivetrain, the chain and the gear system - cassette or the internal gear hub
  • If the throttle is unlocked to 2300W, it can rip the teeth of cassettes, and crush the internal gear hub
  • We do NOT recommend unlocking the throttle. Unlocking the throttle to 2300W will limit the warranty on the drive train to 30 days

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