Can you tell me more about the battery?

Hydra comes with a 48V, 17ah battery pack.

Batteries are installed within the frame. They are also easily removable.

To remove the battery,

  1. Slide out the battery cover
  2. Put the key in the battery lock and turn the key.
  3. Pull the battery out while the key is turned.

The charge ports are

  1. On the non-drive (left) side of the seat tube
  2. On the physical battery itself (on the lower end)

You can charge the battery both on the bike, and off the bike.

Charge time
    With 4A charger is  around 4.2 hours (0-100%),

Battery Specifications:
52V, 800Wh, 18650 Samsung cells, Smart BMS.
Our battery packs are rated for 800 cycles if maintained between 20-80%

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