Can I get higher top speed from the same motor by getting a higher voltage battery (48V vs. 52V on Hydra Black)?

Speed is primarily a function of gear ratio. If you have sustained power being delivered continuously, the top speed will depend on the gear you are in. Top speed is not exactly dictated by voltage of the battery IF your battery’s power delivery is sufficient for the power rating of the motor.
Your bike’s motor is rated for a particular amount of power (say 1000W). It's the battery's job to deliver that power. Most batteries these days can provide discharge rates of 100A. For a 1000W motor, that means you only need 10V battery at a 100A discharge rate to suffice. However, such a high amp discharge rate can damage components very quickly. Therefore, you deploy a Battery Management System (BMS) to control the amps that are delivered. For the fixed amount of power (1000W) to be delivered, whether you are on a 48V or a 52V battery, the only thing that will change is the current drawn from the battery by the BMS in this case. The motor will keep operating at 1000W. Of course, if the two batteries had very different ratings, things would be different but in this case (also in the case of Hydra and Hydra black), the batteries provided are more than enough for the power rating of the motor.

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