Archon X1 Upgrade Process

Archon X1 Upgrade Process

This is a quick 5 minute read on what the steps are to get your Archon X1 upgrade on the Bafang Ultra. 
Step 1: Email pictures of the Serial Numbers 
Please take a picture of the following serial numbers on the underside of your motor.

  1. The motor serial number is the one underlined in YELLOW.
  2. The current (stock Bafang) controller number is the one underlined in RED.  
  3. Please email a picture of this to e.g.

Step 2: Email pictures of the motor
Please take pictures of all 4 sides of the motorTop, Bottom, and both sides. 
 Please email us all these picturesat the following email address yourordernumber@wattwagons.come.g.

Step 3: Pack and Ship
We have found the USPS flat rate boxes with some packing (old newspapers for filling / padding) will work reasonably well for the motor. 

  • Watt Wagons LLC
  • 24 Smith Ave,
  • Newton, MA, 02465
  • at

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November 9, 2020
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