Recommended maintenance schedules


This is the most critical component of your entire bike and comes with a lot of Dos and Don’t’s


  1. Only use the provided charger.
  2. Always turn your battery off when not in use.
  3. Always store the battery at room temperature. If you plan to ride in the cold weather, pop out the batteries and store them in a safe location
  4. Charge to 90% for regular use – this will nearly double the serviceable life of the battery.
  5. If you plan to ride in wet weather, ensure the battery is well insulated/covered.


  1. Never charge your battery when unattended.
  2. Never allow the battery to become overcharged. 
  3. Try to not discharge the battery below 10% capacity while riding.

We provide a limited warranty on batteries. Read more here (link to warranty)


Please ensure the bike is powered off, and the battery is disconnected from the controller / motor before you start cleaning the motor. Bafang Ultra has a torque sensor, so movements of the pedal can trigger the motor

The motor is fairly robust, but it is not waterproof. If you ride in wet weather, our recommendation is to use dielectric grease LIBERALLY on all seams, bolts, cable outlets regularly. Wipe down the motor after riding in the rain, and re-apply the grease.

For regular wear and tear of the motor over time, we offer replacement parts, gears, and controllers for the Bafang Ultra. Click here to see a list of available parts. (link to parts store).

Electrical Connections

Electrical connections are sensitive and usually not waterproof. If you ride in the rain or wet weather, use dielectric grease LIBERALLY on all seams, joints, and connections regularly. Wipe down the cables and connections after riding in the rain, and re-apply the grease.


Chains can take a lot of beating, and we recommend regular cleaning the drive train every 100 miles or so. Use a cleaning kit and solution, and wipe down the chain, front and rear sprockets with a soft cloth. Apply light chain oil and ensure that the chain and sprockets are properly lubricated.

We expect chains to stretch every 300 miles of riding. IN this case, use an Allen wrench to loosen the dropouts on both sides, use the smaller Allen wrench to tighten the chain, and then re-tighten the dropouts on both sides.

We recommend replacing the chain every 600 – 700 miles for optimal functioning of the bike.


The Carbon Gates drive provides a significant upgrade for e-bikes. They require minimal maintenance. Wipe down or gently hose down the that the belt if you notice any build-up of dirt or snow. That’s basically it!

We recommend replacing the belt every 3000 miles, or if you notice it fraying at any point in time.

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