Technical Components

Drive Train

Having a mid-drive takes a toll on your drive train – the chain, front and rear sprockets. Watt Wagons offer an optional upgrade to the Carbon Gates belt drive. As you roll through rain, mud, snow, gravel, the belt drive performs effortlessly, and quietly.

Cleaning the belt is very easy – a quick gentle hose down with water will get rid of any gunk or residue.

Is a belt cheaper than chain?

Yes, as surprising as it may sound, owning a belt drive may be a cheaper option for long term use and ownership, especially if you rely on the local bike shops to help with chain servicing.

A belt costing $70 will last anywhere from 2500-3000 miles with minimal maintenance.

A typical chain costs around $15 and needs to be serviced every  ~300 miles, and replaced every ~600 miles.   For a 2500 mile ownership, a comparable chain drive train will cost

($15 + $20 Chain Tuning + $10 Oil/lube  ) x 4  = $140

Regular cleaning/ lubing of the chain = $ 60

Total cost = $200

The belt drive will cost the same if you plan to own the bike for a couple of years or more.


Axon – under 1700 grams… this is light! One of the stiffest XC forks that are ideal for commuting.

Internal Gear Hub

All Watt Wagons come standard with a 3 speed Shimano Internal Gear hub. This provides a uniform, robust, almost maintenance-free ride. We have tested the hub in a variety of riding conditions including riding in the rain, snow, or cruising on the beach, and the hub has performed flawlessly. We also offer Kindernay internal hubs now.

Hydraulic Brakes

All Watt Wagons come standard with Tekro E350 hydraulic brakes with electronic shutoff. Coupled with standard 180MM rotors, they offer excellent stopping performance.

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