November 2, 2020

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  • eBike News: Bianchi’s New Range, Möve and BH Lightweight Launches, eScooters Forge Ahead & Lots More! [VIDEOS] January 22, 2021
    In this week’s news: Bianchi’s New Sophisticated e-Omnia Range Lightweight Launches from Germany’s Möve and Spain’s BH Smart Bluetooth Tech Moves Skid Detection and Smart Parking for eScooters Plus the UK Debate Hots Up All the Latest eBike Biz News New eBikes & eBike Systems Bianchi e-Omnia – One Name, three Families and Some Eyecatching Prices […]
    Richard Peace
  • Turboant X7 Pro Electric Scooter Review – 2021 January 22, 2021
    Last Updated: Jan 22, 2021 Review and photos: Pierce Kettering Tested By: Pierce Kettering, Michael Clark, Anthony Johnson, Justin Taylor Summary Review: Turboant X7 Pro The Turboant X7 Pro is a lightweight, entry-level scooter built for those who are looking for an eScooter on a budget without sacrificing the performance of a pricer scooter. With […]
    Michael Clark
  • eBike News: PWR Dual Drive, Cairn, Dutch ID, Secure Parking and Lots More! [VIDEOS] January 15, 2021
    In this week’s news: PWR Two Wheel Drive eBike Cairn’s New Adventure eBike Slick New Models for Spring from Dutch ID and LeMond Swytch New Pedal Sensor SENA Smart mtb Helmets Clever Bike Storage Solutions from France and Belgium Aptera – the Light Electric Vehicle of the Future? Endura Aim to Go Carbon Negative by […]
    Richard Peace
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  • Best Glide Plates for your Electric Dirt Bike September 3, 2020
    *** This is an article about the best glide plates for your dirt bike Protecting your electric dirt bike while riding is actually more important than you think. You take steps to protect your body from the abuse that comes from dirt biking. While electric dirt bikes are pretty tough and can take abuse there […]
  • How to Ship an Electric Dirt Bike August 31, 2020
    Let’s talk about electric dirt bike shipping. Whether you’ve just bought a new electric dirt bike online or want to transport your motorcycle to a “bucket list” trail on the other side of the country, use these tips to get it safely from Point A to Point B. Electric dirt bike shipping is a method […]
    Sam Oldham
  • New Yamaha Electric Dirt Bike August 6, 2020
    The post New Yamaha Electric Dirt Bike appeared first on Charge The Bike.
    Sam Oldham

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