November 2, 2020

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  • Electric Bike Company Radical Scooter Review, 2021 April 13, 2021
    Summary Review: Radical Scooter We’ve had pretty positive experiences with the electric bikes we’ve reviewed from the Electric Bike Company. So we were pretty excited to review their Radical Scooter. The Electric Bike Company is known for making comfortable, powerful electric cruiser bikes, and they managed to bring this look and feel to the electric […]
    Griffin Hales
  • Aventon Level Review – 2021 April 9, 2021
    Summary Review: Aventon Level Electric Bike *See the latest price on the Aventon Level here Aventon is one of the more recognizable names in the e-bike industry from its beginnings in fixed-gear bicycles. The Level is one of the top sellers in their lineup, and we’ve looked forward to getting our hands on the 2021 […]
    Pierce Kettering
  • eBike News: Diamondback and Cannondale Speed Pedelcs, eBike Hydrofoils & Much More! April 9, 2021
    In this week’s news: Class 3 e-bikes – or speed pedelecs as they are known in Europe – seem to be flavour of the moment, with no less than five new models from quality brand names appearing on the scene this week. There is also further evidence, this time from the UK, of the trend […]
    Richard Peace
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  • Best Glide Plates for your Electric Dirt Bike September 3, 2020
    *** This is an article about the best glide plates for your dirt bike Protecting your electric dirt bike while riding is actually more important than you think. You take steps to protect your body from the abuse that comes from dirt biking. While electric dirt bikes are pretty tough and can take abuse there […]
    Sam Oldham
  • How to Ship an Electric Dirt Bike August 31, 2020
    Let’s talk about electric dirt bike shipping. Whether you’ve just bought a new electric dirt bike online or want to transport your motorcycle to a “bucket list” trail on the other side of the country, use these tips to get it safely from Point A to Point B. Electric dirt bike shipping is a method […]
    Sam Oldham
  • New Yamaha Electric Dirt Bike August 6, 2020
    The post New Yamaha Electric Dirt Bike appeared first on Charge The Bike.
    Sam Oldham

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