Topic: Order

Damaged controller

Hi there I recently received my upgraded bafang g510 back with the Archon labs addition controller. First off I’d like to say I am super impressed with the new controller and it really brings this motor to life. Thank you and I am excited to keep riding it. The reason for this ticket though is…

order #1177

Hi Pushkar I know you are very busy so this is just a friendly reminder, Pls update the rear shock from mara pro (my original order) to the fox x2 per our conversation. Please stay cool, I know you are under a lot of pressure. thanks Jack

Adding a Kinderlay to the order

Hello I’m considering changing the drivetrain from the Shimano to the Kinderlay. My ORDER # is1320. Would this be possible and with the exception of the cost of the Kinderlay ($1499) would any difference also be extra tax?

order #1177

Hi, I saw the 3 build pictures you posted on the forum. It looks like the steer tube is cut down. Please do not cut my steer tube. I want mine upright like on the hydra order page. I want an upright ride position. Also can you provide an update as to when my order…

Throttle change

Can I get my order changed to limit the throttle to 750w please? I didn’t think that would be that likely to break anything but I changed nu mind. Order #1305. Will be paying the rest of my balance next week. Thank you.

Refund for invoice 1265

I have been waiting for my order- a new Bafang Ultra and Archon controller for several months and have not heard anything from you. I want a refund for the $1538.76 I spent.