48V 21Ah Reention battery pack

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Hi, It’s Cesar again lol!! I have Frey AM1000 eMTB. With both a 48V 21Ah battery and 52V 17.5Ah battery pack. My 48V battery only reads 60% charge after a full charge. But my 52V would read 100% after a full charge. I thought I kept forgetting to charge my 48V but I wasn’t. Of course I thought my 48V was malfunctioning so I contacted Frey to inform them of my battery issue. After doing some voltage checks, the battery measured 54V on a full charge. That’s good. Rode >14 miles and registered 52V. Looks good. But it registers 50%. What is the issue? Does this have something to do with selecting 52V as an option because you’re running both 48V and 52V so the system will look for 52V (58V) fully charged battery? If a 48V is connected it will calculate it as 60% charge? If that’s the case, how can I set my controller as a 48V so it can correctly measure a 48V pack. Or is it actually a faulty pack? Please let me know. Best Regards, Cesar Lomibao

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