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PUSHCAR : HELLO AGAIN. Concerning my HELIOS we already discussed the build, KINDERNAY, SUN TOUR AURON SHOCK, NEXTIE RIMS, GP5 GRIPS, ECT. DERESTRICTED THROTTLE, X1 2300 w MOTOR, and SUPER NOVA LIGHTS. CONCERNING THE PAINT, I would like you or your paint EXPERT to match the BIKE FRAME TO the colors of the NEXTIE CARBON RIMS. NOTHING WILD, but looking GOOD! Would you recommend the 27.5 2.4 or the 27.5 3.0 CARBON RIM for my mostly commuter/ fire road E-BIKE. One last thing, how can I add another 2 to 3 thousand dollars to the around $4,650.00 I have already down. THANKS AGAIN TOM MAUSER

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