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Amit, Thank you for all the information in our phone call yesterday. I would like to comment on the order so I have given all the information that you need to complete my bike. I did mention extending the warranty, but have since changed my mind so the standard 1 year warranty is good. A) Frame Large. N/C B) suspension mezzer pro + 549.00 and Mara Pro +329.00 C) MDRP rotors +69.00 D) grips ergon GA-2 + 29.00 E) Pedals Stamp 7 + 99.00 F) Carbon handlebars +99.00 G) Charger satiator + 250.00 H) Lights Zeus +369.00 and Supernova +99.00 both pre-wired. total additions $1892 - a 300.00 credit offered by Pushkar in email. So if these upgrades/additions are available then I should owe you guys $1592.00.....Thank you and let me know if there are any questions 406-241-9668

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