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PUSHCAR; HELLO, I know you are past busy , but I need to converse with you. FIRST of all I have finalized my HELOIS, so when you have the time we can do that. Once again you will NEVER HEAR ME BITCH about when it will be delivered. SECONDLY, the WIRING HARNESS that you were good enough to send me. If I may try to describe, there is a BLACK wire that is cut which goes down the Down Tube. The EBIKE Mechanic that I was lucky to find wants to know what or where dose it go to . He says that he can get the same Wiring Harness from California E Bikes without the BLACK WIRE. PLEASE ADVISE. THRIDLY, and this is the big one. My mechanic states that my controller is FRIED. I was going to send my ULTRA Motor up to NEWTON anyway but now I would like to send it up to you tomorrow. PUSHCAR I do not have the 10 second Audio of my motor and I am asking permission to send the motor to you Sans the audio recording.

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