Cassettes and Hubs

  • Can I get your full suspension bikes with IGH and belt drive?

    We are working on a solution to provide chain drive with full suspension. We have a working solution. However, we have been facing delays in scaling up production. Expected ETA is Q3, 2022.
  • What are the advantages of a belt over chain?

    A chain is a metal chain loop and belt is a synthetic compound belt. While you may think chains are stronger and should be preferred, it is not always the case for an application like a bicycle. Chains are exposed to natural elements, prone to rusting and breakage You need to lubricate a chain r...
  • What are the advantages of an IGH over a traditional cassette?

    Traditional cassette is the typical chain and cassette setup that you see on typical bikes. IGH or an Internal Gear Hub takes the gear mechanism inside a sealed hub, Traditional cassette is exposed to natural elements and prone to debris, rusting and breakage IGH is sealed and requires less main...
  • What are the advantages of Kindernay IGH?

    Kindernay VIIis an internal gear hub that is more efficient and has lower maintenance. We now offer Kindernay VII with a onesie shifter. You can read more about Kindernay VII here:
  • What is an Internal Gear Hub (IGH)?

    IGH is an internal gear ratio changing mechanism where the gears and mechanism is protected from the environmental elements inside the rear wheel hub.