• Are there different classes of electric bikes?

    There are three generally accepted classes of e-bikes right now: Class 1: Class 1 e-bikes are limited to a top speed of 20 miles per hour, and the electric motor works only when the rider is pedaling (true assist), Typically, Class 1 e-bikes are allowed on bike paths and bike lanes that are shar...
  • Do you have an affiliate program or How do I become a dealer or start drop-shipping?

    We have programs for both dealership and drop-shipping: Dealers: You can contact us on  and we can start the process Affiliate/ Dropship: For becoming an affiliate, please contact us on and we will guide you through the process
  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes, we have partnered with to offer payment plans. Please click on their link while checking out to choose a plan convenient to you.
  • How much assembly is required once I receive a Watt Wagons bike?

    Typically, the only things you need to worry about are putting on the handlebar, pedals, and front wheel. They are simple to attach and can be done at home. We remove them to be able to ship in a more manageable box size.
  • Throttle

    All our e-bikes come with a throttle for riding: Throttle is restricted to 750W Throttle does not affect the top speed, it only limits how quickly you can reach the top speed The pedal assist (or PAS) is independent of the throttle. In unlocked mode (aka sport mode), pedal assist is configured t...
  • Veterans and Frontline Worker Discount

    We offer the following discount on our ebikes with proof of service (usually the ID) or a way of validating service. $250 off any e-bike except Hydra Black 10% off any accessories Process: Please place the order for the e-bike or the accessory Please send us proof of service (ID or any validati...
  • What about repairs and service of my e-bike?

    Our e-bikes are meant to be automotive grade quality and therefore, fairly straightforward to service and maintain: Most of our components are standard high quality components Motor and battery are easily swappable in case of any problems We offer guidance over video calls to your local bike sho...
  • What are some of the characteristics of major suspension brands that you use?

    Here is a comparison of most of the forks/shocks that we use along with the travel: | | | | | | --- | --- | --- | --- | | Suspension | Variant | Comments | Travel | | Front | Manitou Mastodon | Best fat tire front suspension. | 100-120mm | | Front | Mezzer Pro | Performance close to Fox for ...
  • What is a derestricted throttle?

    Typically when you get a throttle on a Watt Wagons e-bike, it is restricted to the stock power of the motor. For example, Hydra with Bafang Ultra will provide you with 750W worth of power at the throttle. If you have an X1 controller, you can draw up to 2300W from the motor but not all of it is a...
  • What is an electric bike?

    Traditional bicycles get you from point A to B using your manual effort through pedaling. An electric bike enhances a traditional bicycle with a motor, battery and some other components to assist the rider when they are tired or facing a challenge like headwinds or upward slopes.
  • What is the commuter companion program?

    We are happy to launch a program to help our customers keep up with the advancements in e-bike technologies. This is a program to offer free or discounted upgrades to our existing customers as the technology evolves in e-bike space. The details can be found here:
  • What is the difference between a commuting and off-road e-bike?

    Primarily it’s the use case. Commuter If you want to commute on concrete/asphalt the terrain tends to be less rugged, sitting posture tends to be more upright, storage needs are higher etc. Commuters tend to have more their own geometry, storage, and can be managed without a rear suspension Off-...
  • What is the difference between throttle and pedal assist?

    Pedal assist is the de facto setup available on electric bikes. Using pedal assist, you can choose different levels of assistance (usually 1 to 5) that you want the motor to provide ONLY while you pedal the bike. If you have a throttle however, you can push the throttle without using pedals.
  • What is your Guinness World Record?

    Watt Wagons is proud to hold a Guinness World Record. In the summer of 2019, Watt Wagons travelled to Halifax NS with rider Ravi Kempaiah to set a new Guinness world record on the Ultimate Commuter Pro e-Bike (Now Helios). Professor Jeff Dahn (Head of Battery Research, Tesla, https://en.wikipedia...
  • Where can I find returns related information?

    Our detailed returns policy can be found here:
  • Where can I find warranty related information?

    Our detailed warranty information can be found here:
  • Where do you ship? What about custom duties?

    Watt Wagons ships worldwide: Continental US is flat rate delivery (typically $250, 5 business days) Canada flat rate is typically $450 with similar delivery times Rest of the world is typically $1100 with delivery times based on destination We have partnered with all the major carriers and typic...
  • Why are some component options disabled sometimes? E.g. like Kindernay

    We manage customization options based on part availability. Some options are disabled to adjust for availability in the near term.