Motors, Controllers and Batteries

  • Can I get higher top speed from the same motor by getting a higher voltage battery (48V vs. 52V on Hydra Black)?

    Speed is primarily a function of gear ratio. If you have sustained power being delivered continuously, the top speed will depend on the gear you are in. Top speed is not exactly dictated by voltage of the battery IF your battery’s power delivery is sufficient for the power rating of the motor. Yo...
  • Do you have a controller for Bafang M600?

    We are currently testing Archon V2, which will be our advanced controller for Bafang M600 CAN. Please follow our mailing list to get more updates about when it will be ready
  • Do you offer high speed charging? How does your 10A charger work?

    We already offer 10A chargers as an option when buying our bikes. Time to charge your Watt Wagons e-bike: ~2.5 hours Configurable to charge from 4A to 10A while also controlling the voltage levels through dials Higher capacity charger to ensure ~1 hour charging times and compatibility with car c...
  • How do I configure my Archon X1? What are the different modes?

    X1 can be configured through a programming cable that comes with the upgrade. You will need a registration address from us to be able to register you X1 to begin programming it. Please reach out to to get this email address. Once your login is active, please follow detailed...
  • How do I remove my Bafang Ultra motor to ship for any repairs or upgrades?

    Here is a quick 5 minute read on what the steps are to get your Archon X1 upgrade on the Bafang Ultra:
  • How should I charge my battery for maximum battery life?

    We recommend that you always keep your SOC (State of charge) between 20% to 80%
  • What are CANBUS and UART?

    Controller Area Network or CAN bus is a digital serial bus used to carry data for in vehicle and industrial automation. This standard was first introduced by Bosch. UART, or universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter is another such protocol used for hardware communication. While Bafang Ultra us...
  • What are the advantages of getting Archon X1?

    Archon X1 is our advanced controller that: Increases and smoothens Bafang Ultra's power delivery (up to 2300W) Increases range (up to 15%) Increases battery life Complex motor controlling algorithm delivers a higher sampling rate, lower power draw and lower motor temperature Works seamlessly wit...
  • What is the Archon X1 controller?

    Advanced motors need controllers that can smartly adapt to different conditions like current torque, speed, effort on the pedals, as well as battery capacity and drainage level. Archon X1 is our advanced creation to enhance the stock functioning of Bafang Ultra motor. It is a breakthrough in mid-...
  • What is the difference between hub-drive and mid-drive e-bikes?

    Typical e-bike motors are either hub based or mid-drive. Just like a car can be front wheel, rear wheel or mid-drive, so can electric bikes. Typical hub drive placements are in the rear wheels of electric bikes while mid-drive motors are typically placed in the middle of the e-bike also known as ...
  • When will Archon X1 come for CANBUS?

    We are already testing X1 for CANBUS. Please follow our mailing list to get more updates about when it will be ready
  • When will the Archon X1 controller be available?

    We expect the controllers available for motor upgrades by March 2022. The pricing is to be determined but expect between $700 to $900 based on wattage selected.
  • Which motors are compatible with Archon X1?

    Currently, X1 is only compatible with UART version of Bafang Ultra motor