Our Commitment to Rider Wellness

Using an e-bike for commuting is a big commitment.  As your primary mode of transport, it is key that your e-bike can withstand long term use, with predictable wear and tear of components.

Watt Wagons deliver on multiple fronts.  It is no surprise to say that what makes these bikes special is all the little things.


Watt Wagons have geometries designed with long term riding in mind. On an ebike, the more upright you can sit, the better it is for your overall posture. The Head Tube Angle is designed to be more like a road bike.


As you bike for a longer distance, your arms need to stretch for a lot longer, and tire a lot faster. We have incorporated this into our bike geometries – with our ideal ‘reach’ ,  your arms feel a lot less tired after hours of riding.


If you have back issues, we would recommend letting us know while placing the order, via email at support@wattwagons.com . We will ship the bicycle with the default riser fork out of the box, so you can test out the exact height of your handlebars. Once you ride the bike for 50-100 miles, you can go to your local bike shop and get the fork trimmed to your ideal height.


Say good bye to padded shorts / pants. Say goodbye to sore butts. Our bikes come standard with an amazing   Anatomic Relief Saddle.  The saddle offers Foam padding with flexible base for maximum comfort and support. It has a Full length center recess with cut out for comfortable anatomic relief. It has Lycra cover with abrasion-resistant side material, and will last you for miles to come!


When riding for long hours, your hands can get numb.  Our bikes come standard with Ergonomic grips, with wide palm support.  They  have rubberized adjustable supports with varying thickness to reduce or dampen vibrations. Combined with good padded gloves, enables you to ride longer with little to no hand numbness or post-ride ghost vibrations.

November 2, 2020
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