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Feature request
Hi; I would like to have more info about your DUAL BATTERY CONVERTER before ordering. I plan to add a second battery and change my ebike controller for my ebike. It have a 750 watt bafang rear hub motor with a 48v 13ah battery. I plan to change the controller as well for a open source one so I could use the full 750 watt of the hub motor. My question is, if I buy a new battery (48v 17 ah), does your dual battery converter will be able to add both (in parallel) so I would have a (48v battery, 30ah)? On the spec page, it only says it will use the battery that have the most charge. Does your battery converter switch between the battery or does it use both at the same time? Furthermore, why do we need a converter, can't we just connect both battery in parallel? Thanks!

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