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Hello, I'm preparing to order a Hydra and have several questions. I live in MN so think, snow, groomed and hard trails along with some single track and road surfaces. I'm in my 60's so no highly technical trails for me. Gear sets - What is the advantage of the Kinderlay versus the Shimano 11 speed cassette. I plan to use the bike mostly off road so I will want the watts and speed set to unlimited (LEO is real cool here about that as long as your not scaring everyone else. Also, how does the gear set selection come into play with regard to the Bafang Ultra Stock versus the 750W / 100W / 2300W upgrades? Just to add one more question into that mix, what impact will the Archon X1 upgrade bring to the table with regard to gear set and watts? Lastly, I'm old so what does adding the carbon cranks do for me other than a little weight reduction? Ultimately, I'm trying to understand the benefits of each of these upgrades in relation to their impact on the other options mentioned so identify the perfect (for me) bike that utilizes the best options on a justified cost basis. Some options are just worth more because they deliver more bang for the buck as they say, but what's good for me might not be good for others. Could use your guidance here. Call me if that's easier at your convenience. many thanks Mark Krone

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